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Are you ready to challenge the status quo?

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Part-Time School of Spiritual Renewal and Equipping
April 2024 - June 2025
(optional outreach in October 2025)
This 1+ year spiritual development school is designed to bring the participants into greater spiritual maturity and to equip them with leadership tools within their areas of influence. The content will include topics such as Identity, Counseling, Dream Interpreta
tion, Personal Calling, Courtroom Prayers, and more. Are you standing at a crossroads? Do you long to be filled afresh and to go further in your calling? In this school we want to focus on getting to know the ways of the Lord. Contact us for more information.

Friends on a Mountain

The Journey
Part-time Discipleship Training Course - March 2026 - March 2027
(optional outreach in April 2027)
Do you desire to go deeper in your relationship with God? Do you have a longing to find out what God might still have in store for your life? Do you want to find out more about your God given identity? Do you just sense that their has to be more to life than this? Give God the opportunity to show you why you were born in such a time as this and join the bDTC. The bDTC is designed for people who at this stage of their lives are unable to take 6 months off to do a full-time discipleship training school but still want to invest into their relationship with God. Join us as we venture on this journey into the heart of God. Contact us for more information.

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Apostolic Mission School

This one year school has the goal of equipping individuals and teams to pioneer new ministries in geographical areas and societal spheres, and to help clarify callings, develop vision and learn how to implement a pioneer project. Students will receive tools to help them in becoming effective learners and leaders, including learning the culture, and in some cases the target language. Topics include: Community Development, Leadership, Apostolic Missions, Church Planting, Principles of Pioneering, Pursuing the Promised Land and more. Students will have the opportunity to work alongside ministries that are in a pioneering stage of development.
Contact us
for more information.

bSBS - Berufsbegleitende Schule für Bibelstudium
YWAM Wiler has been offering this biweekly School of Biblical Studies in Olten for many years. This school has been designed for people who are unable to do a full-time Bible School, but still would like to go deeper in their understanding of God's word and are willing to invest time and energy into studying this life-changing book: the Bible. Find out more here.

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