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we love to love on our city

Outreach Teams. We love to receive international outreach teams that are willing to come and serve our city. The outside perspectives and fresh insight these teams bring are of great value to us. Whether you're a team of intercessors, evangelists, teachers or artists, we would love to partner with you.

Supporting the Rahab Ministry. As YWAM Olten we are coming alongside the Rahab team which for many years has been reaching out to women caught in prostitution. This team regularly carries God's love and hope into the brothels and the red light district. Visit the Rahab Olten website for more information.

Our Soup&Coffee outreaches are a practical way of showing God's love to people on the street. This simple act of service warms people's hearts and often leads to interesting conversations about God and opportunities to pray for and speak words of life and hope into people's lives.

Hebron. God has brought the nations to our door step and it is our privilege to share His love with them. 

International Outreaches.
"For God so loved the world..." God is calling us to go out, out of our comfort zone, out of our walls, out into the world to bring good news, to heal the brokenhearted and to set the captives free. We go where He sends us.

Prayer Room. Strategically located as a beacon of light in the center of town, the prayer room is a place where prayer warriors and worshipers from various denominations, cultures and age groups meet to seek the presence of God. We long to see God's Kingdom flood and transform our city and nation [...]

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