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About Olten

The beautiful town of Olten is the hub of the Swiss railway system and lies within 30 minutes reach of Bern, Zurich, Basel and Lucerne. Olten is much more than just a central location though. The town is home to more than 110 different nationalities. Are you called to reach out to the nations? Then this is a great place for you to do so as Olten has become a very popular destination for immigrants and refugees from all around the globe. The town is located at the southern foot of the Jura heights and is surrounded by forests. Olten is host to the Aar river and to a delightful small old town that is packed with history. The whole region is very inviting for nature lovers, archeologists and people who like to stay active.
As much as we love to brag about our town, there are also many areas of darkness that are waiting for God's light to shine upon them. Although Olten is a relatively small town with a population of approximately 19,000, it suffers from big city problems, such as a notorious drug and prostitution scene, isolated minority groups and an unusually large number of people suffering from depression. Come join us in bringing the love of God to this region of Switzerland and beyond.

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